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I shall remember that day for the rest of my life because he was the first love of my life.
It was the 20th June 2008.Na-eema and I was sitting bored at her house, then I remembered this guy told me I should phone him whenever I feel like going out. I was two-minded about phoning, but then I phoned instead, which I didnt like because I felt shy. He took me out and started communicating with each other. We kept in touch after that because I could feel the tension between the two of us.

We kept on seeing each other and couldnt get enough of each other. Then, he fetched me one Wednesday night to watch him play soccer. We were waiting in the car for his coach to come because it was raining outside. We spoke about all kinds of things. We had a moment which was kind of uncomfortable, but then his coach phoned which was a good thing. I watched him play and he was looking good on the field, he scored 2 goals. When the match was finished we got into the car and he told me “You are my lucky charm because you made me score”. I felt very special, then gone completely red in the face and was speechless.

I started falling deeper and deeper for him, but my parents didnt agree with him seeing me because he hardly came into my house whenever he fetched me, he either phone me to come out or he hooted. My parents always thought he was hiding something away, but he was just shy and had a phobia for a crowd of people and for driving with someone else. I didnt listen to my parents because I loved him and wanted to see him.

The day came when we just decided to stop phoning each other which was abnormal because we phoned each other 24/7. I left it and he left it, I couldnt stop thinking about him and was always wondering what hes doing. I cried myself to sleep at night because he was the love of my life.

I saw him for the first time after we stopped seeing each other, he greeted me and we chatted a bit, he told me he miss me and wants to hook up someday. I told him yes and it was a huge mistake of me to say yes because my feelings came back and my feelings for him took long to get over him.

I dont regret meeting him because he has changed my life and I hope that one day our paths will cross again.

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