Speech on Garbage in Egypt
Alia AhmedEnglish lesson Global warming Speech  DATE @ “MMMM d, y” February 2, 2016Garbage and Rubbish Speech Dear Audience I would like you to take a moment and think that at this precise second, someone could be throwing garbage on the street or even in our beloved school. Throwing garbage anywhere has reached a point where people are obliviously doing it without any awareness of the dangers and health problems caused by it and I’m sure that all of you noticed the splattered garbage around every corner on every street in Cairo, even in the upscale areas. Today the so-called garbage collectors search through the piles of trash for items of value then dump the rest back on the streets. And because of the expanding rubbish problem, Egypt is now one of the biggest countries that suffer from land- and air pollution and major major water- and soil contamination, which causes a serious threat to Egypt’s environmental health. People seem to think that there is no solution to the garbage problem Egypt is suffering through at the moment, so they have adjusted themselves to it and has now become a normal part of an Egyptian citizen’s life but let me take you back to 1930s until the 1990s where Egypt was one of the most beautiful countries in the world. At that time the garbage would be collected by residents of a place called the Zabaleen district,which literally translates to the garbage collectors district, those garbage collectors would divide the collected trash into different categories and then use each category for a specific reason, like recycling or organic waste to feed animals. But then the task of collecting garbage was seized from the residents of the Zabbaleen district and handed to international companies, who not only neglected their duties but they made it their task to throw the little amount of rubbish they collected in Egypt’s treasured Nile river, in the canals or in the desert, which lead to serious health hazards and uncountable diseases such as Schistosomiasis and diarrhea, which believe it or not actually leads to the death of 17,000 children every year, The homeless now eat their meals from the mountains of garbage that can be found anywhere to sate their hunger , and due to that more and more rare diseases occur in new borns, because of nasty germs that emit from the garbage and the health threatening chemicals.

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