Sixties Fashion
Sixties Fashion
The Nineteen Sixties
The 1960s was the decade of change, revolution and freedom for both
Britain and America. To many the 60s are remembered as the swinging
sixties a golden age, which was enjoyed immensely, but others blame
the 1960s for some of the failings in society.
In the mid 1950s Britain was recovering from a long period of
economic hardship after a long and draining war. Shortages and
austerity were still very much part of everyday life there was little
mobility in Britain as most could not afford a car, the choice of
radio stations could be counted on one hand all of which catered for
adults not children. The concept of consumer choice was simply Can I
afford it? or do they have it in stock the answer was usually no to
both. Times were hard but this was soon to change.
Britain suddenly seemed to emerge from its gloom, people believed for
the first time in years that they could truly leave there troubles
behind them. Like the USA, Britain enjoyed full employment and rising
living standards. Things seemed to change very rapidly; fashions
altered continuously, becoming more extreme. Skirts became shorter and
shorter whilst colours became brighter and brighter. Music also
changed, artists started to challenge traditional social views. They
sang rock and roll music which adults strongly disapproved of, despite
which becoming extremely popular with white teenagers. They were
starting to think for themselves.
During the late 1950s, early 1960s.

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