Bath & Body Works Launches Website
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Bath & Body Works Launches Website
Bath & Body Works is an American retail store owned by Limited Brands. It specializes in numerous fragrant lotions and bath items. In the past, Bath & Body Works stores were sculpted as having more of a “customized” feel. All stores were not exactly alike and the product selection was slightly different. Over time, the business became more organized and streamlined. Today, the store continues to offer a wide array of products. They have several scents, which rotate every few months, as well as seasonal “limited edition” ones. Lately, the business has seen some competition from less expensive outlets, so they have begun offering more frequent sales on their soon-to-be-discontinued items. The 15-year-old company, made $29.4 billion from holiday shoppers last year, which according to the National Retail Federation was 7 percent of its $415 billion in annual revenue.

Heading into the holidays, Bath & Body Works, a

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