Shaving Cream for Women
Team , rapid text feedback for this idea David is going to make a spreadsheet for the 10oz at our optimal price , and we promote on a campaign that promotes the highest amount of product over the completion at a reasonable price . In other words we promote the fact that were a premium brand thinking for the public and offering , like Angele said (THE MOST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK ), remember the competition 6.95 for 7 and we offer 10 oz for 5.99 . And that puts us in a even better position to pursue a partnership with the BIC corp. that currently does not offer a womens shave cream .

This promotion will pave the wave  for a gradual face out towards the next year peak season  of our existing 5.5oz tube in the launching of the new version of the 5.5oz aerosol that has cheaper production cost , and we will free up current facilitys to pursue other innovations to stay ahead of the competing companys

Also the market research states that theres no proof for noncustomers being loyal to their brands, so with this low penetrating price it will b easier to still customers from our

And we put it right next to 6.95 one and we start by taking there customers . Then we put miss Cartwright to head this initial promo , given her the credit for the new product . And at the same time you look better to your higher ups by taking the inicitive .

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