In Memory of Them
In Memory of Them
Since you may know what it is like to have a best friend snatched away from your heart, you may see my immeasurable amount of sadness I have �till this very day that still exists. These two birds that carved my current character, still to this very day sit together happily and well alive in Columbus Ohio, but still just as sad, and miserable as I am.

I loved them so very much and when we had to give them back to the man that sold Lucky to us, all that I could do was walk away back through the entrance balling my eyes out of their sockets. Simultaneously, I just ran, dodging obstacles such as bushes, dashing toward the truck doors. Upon my arrival I felt worse and once I seen, through the truck windows, the truck empty from which we had driven to the breeder’s home to return Lucky & give SweetPea. Also we did not receive a refund of our pervious purchase of Lucky. I fell to the ground still crying badly, with my heart horribly broken, also my tear filled eyes were nearly falling to the ground now, and I just felt as one of my best friends died a terrible murder. I had so much sorrow that you could not multiply it by one even. As my deep depression wore on I was never the same person as I was two days before the nightmare. Years pass, and you still could not fit the amount of saddens that I have into a full-sized mansion. I told Lucky & SweetPea “I’m sorry…” to them about 140 dreadful times.

That’s not all, I also had not just one friend to let go but two at the same time as well. Yes Lucky & SweetPea are still in my memories, heart, and soul. I miss the presents of the birds on my shoulder, or at my desk table top. SweetPea was a one of a kind of bird. I used to have an R.C. Jeep convertible and she would ride on the roll cage section above the Jeep. I look at the pictures of the most wonderful pair of pets in the entire world, I cry. I remember every second living with Lucky and how he could fly, and literally bounce on a bed, also how SweetPea would love to go on road trips, and lots of camping. “Lucky and SweetPea are much different in sizes but they both have the same sized heart” Tyler Fickert.


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