A Review on the Ambivalence of Abortion
A Review on the Ambivalence of Abortion
According to Linda Bird Francke’s The Ambivalence of Abortion, her abortion experience was narrated. While her third kid were at the school age her life was going to settle down again, but when the unpredictable forth is coming it cause her family big troubles; both in their living and spirit.

She was introduced to the reproductive and Sexual Health Department at the Woman’s Service center. When there was completely no room for a new baby, an abortion seemed to be the best solution for the waiting-to-be-solve problem.

Francke met many women, at the varied ages and backgrounds, along her solitary way to an operation room. Once, her hesitant was occurred, she wondered if she could keep her not-a-life child.

After the operation was complete, all the heart-wounded women were sent to recovery room. Rest there with flowers and girlish bed, and then get their trouble-free life back.

First, I have to say that this article was written for everyone as much as it gave anyone nothing. Adolescent? Women? Men? … No, I am not going to recommend you a Disney animation with gorgeous graphic images, but a dull caption of a lesson form an ordinary thing called “life”.

Second, this

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