Newspaper Case
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Nobody was expecting it to hit. Especially not Tea Cake and his wife, Janie.
On a peaceful sunny morning, many heard about the hurricane Okechobee and decided to go to the high grounds to be safe. The Seminoles, who do not often visit Eatonville, passed by, trying to get to the high grounds. As they passed by, they visited the Tea Cake and Janie couple, stating there was a hurricane coming. However, Janie and Tea Cake did not believe the Seminole men, and decided to stay home. Tea Cake stated that the Indians were often crazy. “Indians dont know much uh nothin, tuh tell de truth.” (156)

Next, the familiar Bahaman boys stopped by, asking the couple to go with them. However, Tea Cake once more stated that they were staying home, and the hurricane would not hit. Trying to convince Tea Cake and Janie, The Bahaman boys said that the crow had gone up, and that it was dangerous for them to stay here. Tea Cake opposed Bahaman boys, and stated “Its liable tu hfair off by tuhmorrer. Ah wouldnt leave if Ah wuz you.” (156) Lias and his uncle finally drove up, unable to persuade Tea Cake.

Breathlessly, the citizens on the high grounds patiently waited, carefully watching the weather. However, the hurricane did not hit at all. The weather was extremely fine, and there were no lashing winds. Finally, the citizens calmed down, and strolled down to their shacks.

However, the real hurricane started after daytime. As nighttime approached, the winds became fierce, whipping out many crops and hoses. However. it was not the hurricane that would crush Eatonville. As rain constantly fell, the river overflowed, causing an enormous flood. The whole Eatonville town was completely flooded, to the water depth around 3 feet.

The Tea Cake and Janie couple finally woke up, finding out they were in a catastrophic situation. In panic, the couple ran out, trying to get to the high lands. However, the water was up to their hips, and it was not easy. During Tea Cake and Janies journey to the highlands, Tea Cake was severely bitten by a dog, and Janie almost experienced death.

It was only by the next day morning when Tea Cake and Janie arrived in the Palm Beach. However, by the time Tea Cake and Janie finally reached their destination, Tea Cake was severely injured, and Janie was completely disheveled.

After several days, Janie reported that she had shot

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