A Raisin in the Sun
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A Raisin in the Sun is a play that tells the story of a poor black family’s struggle to achieve the dream of moving up in society. The plot revolves around the money that Mama, a sixty year old woman, receives after her husband’s death and how each member of the family wishes to use it. However, because of the money, certain problems emerge that will destroy the Youngers family if not resolved. Since this lower-class family wasn’t used to living with more than what they needed to survive, one of the main conflicts I find in the story is how money, to a family that is used to having nothing, lead to aspiring personal and selfish desires, dreams and ambitions that make the characters fight and want what’s best for them, forgetting that they are a part of a greater gift, a family. Also, other problems that can easily be found in the play is betrayal of trust, which to me is very hard to overcome especially if its between family members or people you truly trust and the lack of respect for each ones beliefs and values.

The Youngers weren’t used to having more than what they needed in order to live so when the money came each one of the members of the family started picturing their lives getting better individually which was tearing the family apart. Walter wants to invest in a liquor store and constantly fights with his wife, Ruth because he needs his wife “to back him up” (page492) and he thinks she doesn’t; with his sister Beneatha because she wants to use the money to become “anything at all” (495), a doctor; and with Mama, who is the only one whose dream is for the well of the family and not just for her; for ignoring Walters dream “there ain’t going to be no investing in no liquor stores (511)”. Beneatha whose dream is, now that she has the money for it, to become a doctor is threatened by Walter’s wish to invest in the liquor store, which makes there relationship grow further apart almost inexistent. (496) We can see this when the family finds out that Walter gave the money away and lost it Beneatha treats Walter like “he is no brother of mine” (549). Walter, Beneatha and Mama had different opinions in what to do with the money and that almost destroyed their family because of all the selfishness and egocentrism that took control of the characters. (495, 510)

To me betrayal of trust is the worst thing anyone can do to a family member or a friend because trust is the root of everything that holds a relationship together, without it, there’s nothing but people. Even after Mama distinctively says “there ain’t going to be no investing in no liquor stores (511)” and she trusts Walter with the rest of the money for him to go to the bank put aside some of the money for his sisters medical schooling and do anything, but the liquor store, he wants with what’s left of it, Walter was weak and gave in into his own ambition caring for no one but himself even though that would mean losing Mama’s “I ain’t never stop trusting you” (529) and his family love for him. That was exactly what happened, after they all found out the money was gone Mama looks “at her son without recognition” (541), Walters wife Ruth hides her face “with her hands” (541) and Beneatha looses her long dream of “fix up the sick”, (542) her strength becoming apathetic, kind of like Ruth. (542, 543)

Beneatha knows that she is

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