Special Populations
Special Populations
For this paper, the writer will select one special population that she believes she wants to work with and assist. The first step involves discussing the populations reviewed and the one selected as well as why the selection was made. The writer will discuss why the interest formed in that specific area and what she thinks she would bring to the field of helping that would benefit this specific population. Special populations include groups of people that may face vulnerabilities because of circumstances. People within these populations are unable to advocate for themselves and depend on others for support and services. People that fall into the category of vulnerable populations are children, the elderly, the disabled, and the mentally disabled.

Populations Reviewed
For the purposes of this paper, I looked into two different special populations. The first group I reviewed was the elderly. The elderly often face ridicule and stereotyping and this can lead to abuse and neglect. In fact, many elderly people function independently in society but for others, aging causes problems with their ability to make sound decisions, care for their own physical and financial needs, and several other issues. This is why many of the elderly need the assistance of support services.

The second special population I reviewed was children. Children can be put at risk in a number of different ways. Because of the breakdown of the natural family, substance abuse in the home, and even the death of a parent or parents, children are often exposed to or the recipient of violence, neglect, and abuse that may come in many different forms. Young children in these types of situations become completely dependent on others for the support and nurturing that will help them safely grow into adulthood.

Selection of Population
I have chosen to address the population of young children, specifically abused children. Although I do not believe that any one special population is more important than any other, I feel that the welfare of children is very important to our society. My choice of young children is both a personal interest and a professional interest as I wish to continue my work with the Department of Human Services helping young children and eventually opening a home focusing on helping abused children.

Although there is a heightened awareness of child abuse and neglect in our society today, many children are still the victims of abuse and neglect. According to the National Center for Child Abuse Prevention, every ten seconds in America a report of child abuse is made, and nearly five children die every day as a result of child abuse (2011). To say this is appalling is to say the least. With alarming rates and statistics such as these, it is evident that children are a special population in need of protection

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