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The story opens up with the in year of 1937, Corrie was 45 and Betsie was 52 years old.
The ten Boom it was two houses put together.
The house was called a Beje, and they ran watch shop.
Pickwick is an enormously wealthy customer: he got his nickname because he looked so incredibly liked the illustrators drawing in our copy of the Dickens.

The party is for the shops 100th birthday.
There are three people employed at the shop, Toos the book keeper, Hans the apprentice and Christoffels the watch repairman.
Nollie and Peter are siblings of Corrie and Peters is a musical prodigy.
The reader leaned from fathers personality that he loves children.
Willem is Corrie bother, and occupation is ordained minter.
He wants Hitler and to let Holland stay out of the conflict.
The guest Willem brings is Herr Gutlieber he arrives and teenage boys set the beard on fire because he was a Jew.
Corrie views her life at this point ordinary.
Willem writes a terrible evil is providing, and he sees it coming. “Seeds of hatred being planted”.
Overtake of Holland by Germany is being at this point.
Chapter 2
Corrie is six years old in Chapter 2.
Tante Jans, Tante Bep, and Tante Anna is sister of Corries mother and theyre writes Christian tracts.
What makes this day so special is its the first day of school.
Tante Jans occupation before was writing religious literature.
some knowledge is too much for one to handle, sometimes
God knows when were going to need something, and we should let him take care of the “when”
Mama was very compassionate person and helped people in everyday life.
She realized death could occur to anyone.
Chapter 3
Corrie first meets Karel at a party of Mamas at the age of fourteen.
Corrie and Karel meet 2 years later when she and Betsie visit Willem at college.
Corrie planning to run the house with Mama and Tante Anna when she finishes her schooling.
Tante Bep has tuberculosis.
The mama give Corrie is” Happiness is something we create ourselves.”
The family learns that Tante Jans is diabetic.
Corrie next meets Karel at Willems wedding.
She continues to work just as hard as she always had.
Occasion takes the family to visit Willem was the first sermon, and Karel also visits Willem and the family.
During spring Corrie and her family visit at Willems, she walked with Karel every day.
Willem and his wife say that Karel must marry into a good family.
Karel begs Corrie to write to him; Corrie next see Karel when he comes to her house with his fiancée.
The advice father gives Corrie advice “Let the pain from the love travel into a new path just for Karel to be happy.”
Corrie realizes she is very unexperienced with love.
I think Corrie means that her childhood memories were lessons for the future.
Chapter 4
Mama has a has a stroke.
Mama barely recovers from her stroke shes able to say little.
The lesson Corrie learn from her mother is love.
The next person to marry in the ten Boom family is Nollie.
The unusual statement that occurrence at Nollie wedding is Mama sings the word to the whole song.
No, it is the “gift from God” to Corrie and Betsie, just before she dies.
After Betsie catches a

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