Yue Xiang Comparison of Two Poems
Essay title: Yue Xiang Comparison of Two Poems
Yue Xiang Comparison of Two Poems 3/16/07
In the PoemЎ± She walks in BeautyЎ±, Lord Bryon describes what he thinks is the ultimate idea of the perfect women. The power of emotion is evidenet in BryonЎЇs writing. It can be possible that light emitted through darkness of night to creat a beautiful mellow glory. Likewise, Keats well appreciates the force of imagination in poem Ў°La Belle sans MerciЎ±. Within this poem, the details about characters are extremely minimal, some of them are realistic and familiar, other are unearthly and strange. As a result, the poem creates a sense of mystery that intrigued many readers. Both poets use the imagination of nature to enchant a beauty, but as Lord Bryon places women on the highest perfection, Keats embodies this enchantment into a more negative side.

In both poems, the consistency in tone is set with a vary rhyme pattern, but they are efficiently different to create a distinctive effect. In the poem Ў°She walks in BeautyЎ±, Lord Byron suggests the enchantment in the women as Ў°She walks in beauty, like the night/ of the cloudless climes and starry skies; And all thatЎЇs best of dark and bright, Meet in her aspect and her eyes.Ў± The tone implies the tender natures of enchanting women. Alternating rhyme pattern enables the poem to flow smoothly, bring the mysterious women to life on the paper. Also this device gives reader a sense of the steadiness, allowing them to focus more on the actual idea of the mesmerizing women. In each stanza the iambic tetrameter guides in a ways that a poem maintains an efficient and refined sounds. But in fourth line it begins with an irregularity metrical substitution Ў°meetЎ±. The result is the Ў°meetЎ± receiving more attention, an emphasis. The ladyЎЇs unique feature is that opposite Ў°meetЎ± in her by a wonderful way. In a similar way, Keats varies his meter and rhyme in Ў°The sedge has withered from the lake, and no birds sing.Ў± The last line in stanza is a shorter line; it has only four syllables. This change is heard by ear, harsh; abrupt, just like at the cold, friqid winter, by the Ў°witheredЎ± lake, a knight standing alone, anguish, feverish, drained of all the life-force and vitality. The tone has created the initial dark, depression surrounding the knight; exemplified the knightЎЇs intense sadness. The undoing of the last sentence is the emphasis of knightЎЇs fate: the odinary world had gone away, he lost in the fantasy of the perfection. Comparing the dark tone in second poem, varied rhyme pattern rather gives Ў°She walks in BeautyЎ± more of the mellow and gentle effect.

Both poems have elaborated the imagery of nature to personal vision of love and life. In Ў°She walks in beautyЎ±, the enigmatic women are more than what meet with readerЎЇs eyes, she is said to be Ў°walk in beauty, like the night, of cloudless climes and starry skies.Ў± When compared to night, readers envision both mysterious and loveliness. It also appears that the narrator has a fascination with her already: the qualities of darkness and light balance within the women, just as the night is a cloudless one together with bright stars to create a beautiful mellow glow. Lord Bryon more extensively expresses the balance in nature is the best way to measure up to a womenЎЇs perfection. Throughout the poem, he uses the imagery of dark Ў°nightЎ± vs Ў°bright Ў°skiesЎ± through a visual sense allow readers to observe the perfect symmetry between womenЎЇs personality and appearance. In KeatsЎЇ La Belle Dame sans Merci, the nature seems to represents

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