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Odysseus kind of Ithaca with a huge kingdom, a beautiful wife, and a new born child, is sent off to war. He tries to not go, get away from it somehow, someway, but Athena goddess of war stops him and tells him he must go to spread his name amongst the world. He ends up being off to war for ten years until he returns home, but then is blown off course by a powerful wind, continuing his journey for another ten long years. This absence from his family and home causes many hardships.

Penelope Odysseuss wife is affected greatly by her husbands absence. For example after Odysseus is gone for a long period of time other men start setting in on his wife to try and take over his kingdom and all his riches. She makes up many different excuses to try and postpone the intended marriage of another man, because she believes that her husband is still alive. She uses weaving a tapestry as an excuse until the men find out she has been pulling out the threads and they burn it. Another example being her longing to be with her husband. She longs to be with him to have him hold her in his arms. She misses him greatly, and needs him to be home.

Another person not so different from Odysseus this being himself is greatly affected by his long absence. For example after being gone as long as Odysseus one begins to miss his home, his kingdom, and most of all his family. He greatly misses his wife and longs to be with her like no other. His new born son, at one time is growing up without his father to teach him all he needs to know. Another example are the worries he has to go through not knowing what his family is doing. He wonders if his wife is being faithful to him. Also one is to wonder how his son is doing if he is being brought up properly, and being taught all he needs to know about life.

Odysseus is a cause of many things in the odyssey. He effects many people, and many different things

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