Analysis Shorts of College and Marrige
Analysis Shorts of College and Marrige
The Case Against College
When high school students graduate, they have many choices to make about there future. The natural thing for a young person to do after high school is go to college. For generations this has been the way for many young students, but some of todays youth put academics aside. Those who do, feel that they have had enough of writing and reading and expect to get good jobs flipping burgers. Those who do go to college benefit in many ways. Not only do they receive skills that will land them a descent career, they will grow as people. When students are in high school they are use too teachers, counselors, and there parents telling them what decisions to make. In college its up to them to decide whether they want to continue there education or not.

The Baffling Question
What Bill Cosby is trying to say is why do these married couples

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