Is Having Too Much Money a Bad Thing?
Essay Preview: Is Having Too Much Money a Bad Thing?
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Is too much money a bad thing?
Money is the financial fuel upon which our world runs; nonetheless human beings have been inevitably exploiting it for personal gain at the expense of others. People believe that the only thing that measures success in their life is money. Money always comes primarily for many people in the modern capitalistic world. One of the major issues today is the vast gap between the rich and poor. The richest members of society have become so powerful that they can simply claim the necessities they please. On the other hand, the poorest and most feeble members of society are in excessive requirement of money. Today, many people assume that if one has a large amount of cash, they automatically become part of a certain sort of character. It is undeniable that having sufficient amount of money can fulfill your basic needs. However, having an exceeding amount of money can change the personality and characteristics of a person deficiently.

Millions of people are on the verge of dying from starvation and poverty. They are in extreme need of support with their lives and they barely have enough money to live a day. Money has always been a major issue between the people and their country. Therefore, people always feel compulsion in their situation in terms of affording things financially. Due to research, eighty percent of the world’s money is with twenty percent of the population, while the rest of the twenty percent of the world’s money is with the eighty percent of the population. Even if the money is equally divided amongst everyone, gradually within a short amount of time, the eighty percent of the money will return back to the twenty percent of the population. Nevertheless, while there are people feeling among biased treatment, the wealthy individuals are hectic with wasting their money on unnecessary implements. A lot of the wealthy people are using money in an inconsiderate manner instead of trying to help provide for those who are in need. These people who are loaded with cash frequently concern mainly about their pride and reputation. Money is what corrupts the innocent minds of people into thinking that its existence brings the most significance and high rank.

Having a massive amount of money can make people desirous and full of arrogance. Affording jewelry, branded clothing and expensive cars seems like the main desire for the rich. These wealthy people think highly of themselves and tend to look town on others who struggle to meet their standards. Too much money is considered bad because, people often tend to forget how to be grateful in life. These wealthy people take everything in life for granted and feel superior only because of their prosperity. Taking things for granted ultimately leads to broken relationships and life complications. People who spend money hectically unnecessarily on a daily basis usually are often infuriating in the eyes of other people. Wealthy people are often indulged in their perfect lives to the extent that they end up being isolated amongst the society. In addition, the rich typically unravel their complications with money and they frequently have trouble telling what’s right from wrong. They begin to think that whatever they do is what’s the most

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