Lessons Learned from the Movie Monsters Inc
Essay Preview: Lessons Learned from the Movie Monsters Inc
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Lessons learned from the movie Monsters Inc.
A movie than can be seen as a great family video to watch is Monsters Inc. In this movie there are monsters and normally you would think that because there are monsters in a movie it is probably not suitable for children. Well I would like to tell you that this film is a great childrens film because of the lessons that are taught in the video. The moral of this film is to treat others how you want to be treated and I know I always want to be treated nicely. The moral is shown in many parts of the movie but when it is most obvious is at the end of the movie when Monsters Inc. does not scare kids anymore to get for energy for their city, the monsters make the kids laugh instead and this is a better thing for the kids and for Monsters Inc. The reason this is a childs film is because you are different does not mean you are a bad person also why being mean to others to help benefit yourself is wrong and why being a nice person is so important.

The first lesson that kids could see in this movie is just because you are different does not mean you are a bad person. In the movie there are monsters and human kids, they both look differently but yet they can both become friends with each other. By the end of the movie Sulley and Boo become really good friends despite Sulley wanting nothing to do with Boo and the fact that one is a monster and one is a human child. Once Sulley and Boo play hide and seek in the bathroom Sullry begins to see that it doesnt matter if someone is different, they can still be someone you enjoy being around. This just shows why you should give the person a chance to be your friend, even if they are different. In the beginning of this film all the monsters think that if you come in contact with a child it will kill you. But why do the monsters think this, they dont even know anything about humans they just assume they will kill them. The way Sulley and Mike treat Boo in the beginning is in a very negative way, they dont want to touch her they just think she is nothing but bad news. Mike says to Sulley that thing is a killing machine.” In the movie they show you why friendship is so important and they show you that by not just the relationship with Boo and Sulley but also with Mike and Sulley. Mike and Sulley go through a bit of a rough patch in their friendship, Mike says “look at that big jerk. He ruined my life, and for what? A stupid kid.” Even though they get mad at each other Mike goes back to Sulley and apologizes and renews their friendship. This is an example of how important friendship is and why we need it, doesnt matter if you think differently look different. Also there are many examples in this movie about why being mean to others is wrong.

Another lesson shown through this movie being mean to others to help benefit yourself is wrong. This is where the moral of this film is shown and that is to treat others how you want to be treated. At the end of this film when Monsters Inc. is about to be closed down Sulley has the idea of using collecting laughs from the children instead of screams. This idea is great because the monsters benefit from this by getting more energy from the laughs and the children benefit from this by not being scared at night. After that had all happened it makes you feel like

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