Professional Workplace – Ethical Dilemma
Essay Preview: Professional Workplace – Ethical Dilemma
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Professional Workplace
Ethical Dilemma
Jennifer Schilling-Shaw
University of Phoenix Student
June 17, 2013
Kara Silvers
Ethical Dilemma
Ethical dilemmas are found in the workplace that may conflict with ones values. Today the focus will be on Jennifer Schilling-Shaw and her experience in an ethical situation at The Yacht Club.

Jennifer one day was out for dinner at a local Restaurant-bar having dinner and visiting a relative Dawn. Dawn knowing Jennifers experience and education suggest applying for a job for extra money and possibly helping the business regain costumers. Jennifer was called in for an interview with the boss Jill the next day. In the interview the boss informed her that her business has been losing money and need help to run the bar and find ways to bring costumers back. The business was really profitable 20 years ago when the fishing and boating was good in the areas. Also the establishment is located in a township surrounded by high levels of crime. The establishment has also keep the bar exactly the same with overly dusty decoration related to fishing and boating. Jennifer was hired to help the restaurant gain costumers and learn every aspect of the business. To do so Jennifer asked to be trained in all area of the business and Jill agreed.

Jennifer came in the following morning and evening for training on opening and closing. Then Jennifer went in the next two days for three hours to learn the kitchen. Jennifer learned right away the employees did not follow health safety codes like having hair up, hats, or hairnets. Jill stated right away to just grab a hat if you think someone from the health department comes in. Jennifer did not like that at all. No one likes finding hair in their food so she went and bought netted hair accessories. She also learned the Restaurant-Bar had over 100 different meal choices, something one might see in a 24 hour family dinner. Jill then gave Jennifer a set a keys on the second day and put her on opening the bar. Jennifer soon found that there really wasnt any real volume of costumers with no more than five people in the establishment at any time. The first time Jennifer meet Jills son, she said he could have a tab and borrow money from the cash register even though he had no source of income. Jennifer believes the profit should not be borrowed. Jill was the boss and Jennifer was the employee. During the next two weeks Jennifer was actually running the bar early in the afternoons or evenings by herself. She admits on having issues with making a couple of the meals, which is normal for new employees but it angered the boss because it cost her $1.50. Jennifer soon began to get uncomfortable. One night Jills son showed up and ran about a $35 tab. At the end of the night Jennifer closed and found that the keno register was short $7 after recounting twice. Still short Jennifer went to her tip jar and started digging out the money and found a keno ticket she played earlier. She checked and found she won $72. So she reran and reopened the keno, claimed the ticket, and took her winnings, minus the $7 dollars to make the keno drawer right.

The next day Jennifer arranged to meet up with the boss to go over areas of improvements the following afternoon. She laid down the assessment and plans to help the business thrive again. Improvements included

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