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In discussions throughout the class, Christianity consists of at least 3 things; a set of beliefs, a way of life, and a community of people. It contains a variety of a number of beliefs and practices with other religions, particularly Judaism and Islam. Christianity,originally developed as a part of Judaism. It separated from Judaism for two main

reasons: Christianity came to regard Jesus as in some sense Gods presence in human form and that most Christians came to regard both this covenant and Law as in some sense superseded by Jesus teaching and the community that he established.

Like I mentioned earlier, Christianity is also a way of life and a community. To be classified as a Christian, one is normally expected to accept the major Christian beliefs, to be following the way of life that Jesus taught, and to be a part of the Christian community. Jesus teachings were primarily about how his followers should live.

Therefore, it is these teachings that form the heart of Christian life for most Christians.
The Gospels are made up primarily of Jesus teachings, as well as narratives about his
Why do Christians believe what they believe? I think they believe what they believe because Christianity is like a “revealed” religion. Various Christian traditions differ in how much they believe it is possible to know about God without some special revelation from him. Evidence, both intellectual and personal shape the way a Christian

believes and acts the way they do. In intellectual, one form would be the “proof of Gods existence”. Another intellectual form would be the coherence of major doctrines. In personal, someone is not likely to become a Christian unless they find that it makes sense from a personal point of view. Most people think that the

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