West Jet Advertisement Analysis
Akhilesh Das BurmaMs. SarnackiIB English Lang. Lit. HL23/08/16West Jet Advertisement AnalysisBy creating this advertisement West Jets purpose is to increase the amount of customers using their services. Their idea is to invest in the customers, so the number of customers will increase which will generate more profit in the future. In order to successfully create more profit and a larger consumer base, West Jet represented their dedication and generosity of the airline company. The advertisement represents two West Jet flights during Christmas time, which is supposed to persuade the audience, which means there is not much ethos since it is not made to inform the audience. In order to persuade the audience that the advertisement uses a lot of pathos, since Christmas is an emotional event where love and happiness are being shared among society. This advertisement is supposed to attract adults, but the effect can vary from kids to senior people. Since the advertisement alludes to a Christmas story, it appeals to children as well, who can influence their parents to use the airlines services. Since the theme of this advertisement is that miracles can happen, the tone is happy and supportive. The circumstances in which the reader meets the text is clear since the majority of people understand the purpose and theme of Christmas.Since West Jet decided to use a video, it is easier for the audience to understand the setting and the purpose. The use of the colour blue for the Christmas hats instead of red connotes that every time you fly West Jet it is Christmas and time for celebration since blue is the primary colour of West Jets logo. Another factor that appeals to the audience is the narrator during the entire speaker. The diction that the narrator uses is similar to the Christmas stories that every person experienced in their childhood, which evokes pathos. The video also understates the fact that they are financing all of the gifts that are being provided to the customers. Hyperbole is used to represent the quick transitions from gathering research, executing, and presenting the final outcome, which in this case the gifts. This should allude to the companies efficiency.

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