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/American History
Henry George
During the industrial revolution period, many changes were happening. Changes that were made were that children were being forced into public education for 12 years. Henry George’s quote was accurate because he gave a detailed description as to how our society was and still is today, as the wedge in society is going through and not below, which is causing social classes. The problems associated with America have to deal with the business industry, social classes, and education.

Business in the late 1880’s and early 1900’s was a very different time for it. People like John D. Rockefeller was a game changer for his time, by buying out businesses so he was the only one on top. Andrew Carnegie is another great example, he was the leader in steel industry and bought out his competition. The term for this is called a “Monopoly” which is where business owners will buy other businesses so that they are the main man of receiving the income. Monopolies were eventually banned by the U.S. Government 1890 with the “Sherman Antitrust act”.

Social classes have always been something we’ve had. There’s always been a top and bottom, sometimes a middle. The way the social classes took place in the 1890’s-1900’s were very separable, the top, aka the rich had

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