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Characteristics of Leadership

Characteristics of Leadership
The article that I chose from EBSCOhost was written by Clinton O. Longenecker, the article is called Characteristics of really bad bosses, and I researched this article on November, 23rd of 2011. I chose this article because it interested me in the fact that if we were to see the bad traits of bad leadership it will help us to understand what it takes to be a good leader.
At my place of employment we have what we call Leadership Attributes that are shared, these attributes are posted through out the plant in each building, and we also have training classes on these leadership attributes. I found it very interesting that when I was reading the article of bad leadership or bosses it was almost an opposite mirrored image as to what Boeing believes it takes to be a good leader.
These attributes are; first a good leader will chart the course; this means that you need to generate a clear and simple plan for the team to follow. Next is to set high expectations this will stretch the team but will result in delighting the customer through high quality products and services, reduced costs and solid investment in the future. A leader must inspire others through both their words and actions, to meet or exceed the plan, deliver on promises, learn from one another and continuously improve the company’s business performance.
A Boeing leader is expected to find the way to counteract variances or setbacks and still meet or exceed the plan. The short team gain is never worth harming the company’s reputation therefore a Boeing leader is expected to live the Boeing values. Lastly is that Boeing leaders do not compromise between acting ethically and delivering results; as leaders we need to do both. As leaders are goal is to make our values and conduct a competitive advantage that will help Boeing grow.

From that Longnecker gives you what he calls the dirty dozen of being a bad boss or leader. I will share the top five with you in this paper. The research or information that he presents is from one hundred and eighty seven business leaders from a cross section of the United States, this is surveying both manufacturing and service enterprises. The sample was taken from seventy two percent male, twenty eight percent female with an average age being forty three. They all averaged fourteen years of managerial experience.
The number one thing on the list with seventy three percent of the samplers noted was a leader being arrogant, prideful, inflexible and always right. This had the leader with the appearance of being cocky or overly pleased with himself, this can be a very negative and damaging characteristic to have in a team atmosphere, with this it can cause employees to want to limit their time with their supervisor. It will also limit the communication that they have with them. Longenecker recommends that leaders are to stay humble, and to remember that

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