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The central problem facing Faith Hospital is its survival in the medical community. Revenue issues and lack of regulatory controls defined by the board surrounding the purpose and values of medical practitioners are major contributors to the hospitals problem. Solving this problem will require proactive processes be developed that incorporate the retention of the hospitals religious heritage and values. To ensure Faiths survival, the hospital must be acknowledged as an organizational issue that is not limited to one specific area. Understanding the core symptoms to this issue Faith Hospital can focus to remedying its mounting financial burdens while improving efficiency and unifying its stakeholders.

Faith Hospitals financial analysis indicates that fixed costs account for 28% of the hospitals overhead. Coupled with a 7% decrease in patient administration and rising costs for patient care, Faith Hospital must address this issue in order to remain a care provider for the community. Based on patient figures, preliminary estimations indicate that 15% of operational or fixed costs must be eliminated. Reimbursements from insurance companies are not consistent nor enough to make up the variance in operating costs. To remain operational, the hospital must find ways to accomplish more without minimizing its quality in healthcare. Financial viability is the only feasible option Faith Hospital has in order to achieve its mission and core values.

Its board and staff members have subjected faiths mission statement to personal interpretations. The hospitals mission to “promote the health and well-being of the people in the community” is clouded by personal interpretations of the hospitals vision and values. Many practitioners in the hospital are using personal judgments, which place the hospital at risk for lawsuits and further media scrutiny. Either of which can damage the hospitals reputation or already crippled financials. Defining Faiths vision and values in accordance to

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