Our Environment, Our Future
We say we love flowers, yet we pluck them. We say we love trees, yet we cut them down. Some say they love the marine wildlife, yet they destroy it themselves. Madame Lynette Tokuru, Class Captains and fellow classmates, good morning to you all. The topic which I have chosen is “Our Environment, Our Future”.

So what is the environment? Whenever we hear the word environment, we think about everything around us. Our environment comprises of all our surroundings – the landscapes, towns and villages as well as wildlife and natural resources. How they relate to one another determines the very character of the places where we live. However, the environment is much more valuable than its ability to hold everything. It supports life itself. Therefore we can say that we depend on the environment for our lives.

Sadly, our environment is under threat on many fronts, from pollution caused by acid rain and chemical leaks to the destruction of our coastlines and the over exploitation of fish stocks. The world is changing because of human activities. Our interference with the environment is too much and our situation is worsening.

First, lets look at the dangers faced by our natural resources. Twenty years ago, our country, Solomon Islands, had a lot of untouched forests. Today, in the Western Province you can see the destruction caused by the many logging activities going on. Records show that in the last 5 years, trees have been cut down at an alarming rate. Research has found out that two thirds of the worlds trees are suffering from pollution. If nothing is done about this, in 15 years time, only one third of the earths forests will be left for humanity to use.

Soil is also another valuable resource that we have, one that is the base of any countrys economical growth. Whatever vegetation we sell, we take from the soil. The livestock we breed also need food that comes from the soil. The problem is that it takes thousands of years to create and yet this precious resource can be lost overnight to development.

The air is also another aspect of the environment that is being polluted excessively all over the world today. Everyday vehicles running the roads release carbon monoxide into the air. Added to that are all the different gasses emitted from coal mines, industries and factories.

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