Sociology Ethnocentrism
Sociology Ethnocentrism
Sociology Project 2
As we take a look back into the past, even the eras in which we havent lived, it is evident that ethnocentrism has been a curse of a problem for centuries. One might ask, “What is ethnocentrism?” The ideas that entail ethnocentrism revolve around the basic belief that a particular ethnic group is superior above all others. This view is of course held by the particular ethnic group that feels superior over others.

As I was given the task to discuss ethnocentrism and how it has affected and continues to affect lives in every community across the globe, it was important for me to make sure that I explain just what the concept of ethnocentrism is. Societies have a tendency to put their culture models in the center of things which in many situations ended up becoming a force that either build up a community or tear it down. The negative aspect of such a situation can easily sum up the effects of ethnocentrism. One thing that must be understood is that nothing positive comes out of ethnocentrism; if so, it would have to be named something else. Ethnocentrism is exclusivity at its best and hatred at its finest.

As I searched for the film that I would survey, it was somewhat challenging to find a film in which I could discuss without it becoming personal. Being a 32 year old African-American man, I wanted to make sure I stayed away from personal experiences related to race. Rather I wanted to step into the lives of others from different ethnic and cultural background who have suffered through pain that is unimaginable for no legitimate reason. While continuing to search for the perfect film, my research thus far aided me in finding the right film.

The name of the film that I chose is titled, “Anne Frank: The Whole Story.” This particular film was actually a mini-series based on the book Anne Frank: The Biography which was written by Melissa Müller. The mini-series is based on the life of Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who went into hiding during World War II to escape the Nazis. Before her birth, her newlywed parents Otto and Edith Frank settled in Frankfurt, Germany. Anne had one older sister named Margot who was born in 1926 and she was born in 1929. After several happy years in Germany, Hitlers

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