Of Mice and Man
Of Mice and Man
It looks like IЎ¦ll be gettinЎ¦ out of this place yet. The new boys, George and Lennie have got plans. George knows of this place that an old couple needs to sell it, ЎҐcause the wife needs some operation. Ten acres for six hundred dollars. Six hundred dollars! I overheard emЎ¦ talking about it, and how theyЎ¦re gonna set themselves up. ЎҐLivinЎ¦ off the fat of the landЎ¦ Lennie said, imagine that!. I started to ask George about it anЎ¦ he got all cagey and didnЎ¦t want to tell me nothinЎ¦. But then I told him how IЎ¦ve got $300 already, ЎҐcause of the payout for my dud hand. Plus the money IЎ¦ve got in the bank, and IЎ¦ll have another $50 at the end of the month. He and Lennie ainЎ¦t got too much money, but theyЎ¦re both hard workers, anЎ¦ George said that if he and Lennie donЎ¦t spend no money, that theyЎ¦ll have $50 at the end of the month. Then George started to get all excited like and said that he could keep working to make up the rest, anЎ¦ then come join us later. Imagine that, a place of my own. Well, in shares with those two anyhow. I gotta get out of here. I ainЎ¦t gonna be no use to the boss pretty soon, and heЎ¦ll notice in no time. AnЎ¦ CurlyЎ¦s just gettingЎ¦ more and more antsy. HeЎ¦ll start scrappinЎ¦ with anyone these days. That wife of his donЎ¦t help matters too much neither. He ainЎ¦t gonna keep that one too long if he donЎ¦t pull her into line. I see her makinЎ¦ eyes at the workers, wishinЎ¦ someone would pay some attention. SheЎ¦s always in the barn hopinЎ¦ for one of the boys to come in, anЎ¦ then sheЎ¦ll go all coy like, trying to draw emЎ¦ in to talkinЎ¦ to her. SheЎ¦s gonna get somebody into a lot of trouble one of these days. CurlyЎ¦s just waitinЎ¦ for an excuse to sock into somebody. HeЎ¦s got his eye on Lennie, just because heЎ¦s a big boy. Curly donЎ¦t give no one bigger than him a chance. Even if they are slow like Lennie. DonЎ¦t matter to Curly, He just wants to prove himself, even if he donЎ¦t know who heЎ¦s provinЎ¦ himself to.

I wish the old dog was still with me.

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