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Hi Alan,My name is Jacky, I apologize that I am not good at English, which causes I can hardly communicate with you directly. However, it is so happy of me to make friend with you and start learning about GARRTOOL’s products. Through the eight years, I have been becoming more and more familiar with GARRTOOL because of several successful or failure business cases.I have my own company now named 盖尔卡特 CO., LTD. My company was complained by JIADONG, because staffs in JIADONG thought KANGHUI was theirs customer. However, I need to explain that JIADONG was not willing to sell MAFORD instead, so I used GARR to take back the sales order. Then, I calculated that the amount of the sales of GE was less than $700,000 in 2014, but I have already sold $950,000 GARR products in 2014.About the relationship between MIAO and I, I have not been paid by JIADONG and only have commissions for 5 years. I bear all the cost and MIAO set the sale price, and then MIAO gives me 10% of the sales amounts as my salary, which means minus the fees and commissions I could only earn 3%. Most of the failure orders caused by the fixed sales price, which MIAO never changed it under any situations. When facing the challenge of GE’s lower price, his first opinion is how much commission should I drop off other than dealing with the challenge positively. I have pressure to do the job, as there are lots of suppliers who want to do GE, but if I could get some supports from you, I have confidence to increase the sales of GE by 15% next year.

I am negotiating with 中山世达 recently, it is now using the SGS. I recommended GARR to its engineers, and the engineers are interested in GARR. They ordered a series of 143 milling cutter, total amount is almost 500 with different sizes. But, they may reduce a little bit, as it’s the first time using GARR in its Chinese factory. In my opinion, I do not want to do the order under JIADONG this time due to MIAO’s fixed price. 中山世达’s manager Mr. Liang suggested the requirements of commission, if I do the order under JIADONG, this customer may lose or choose other brands. So I send this email to you and hope I could get your supports. Mr. Liang asked me that GARRTOOL must email him a document, which can prove that 盖尔卡特 is now selling the products of GARR and has capacity to complete the after-sale service well. (Mr. Liang’s email address is [email protected]) If you could email Mr. Liang, he will make the order after he receives the document. For the details of the order, I will divide the order into two parts, one for JIADONG and the other for SENGDA. If you help me to email Mr. Liang, could you please keep this email as the secret and make another copy for me? I am looking forward to hearing you soon. Thank you!Yours sincerely.Jacky Shen

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